How lucky am I???

 Being that I live in Podunkville Utah, I don’t get out on the town much. Most of my friends from my youth either moved away the first chance they got or I have discovered that I really don’t have that much in common with them anymore. This being the case I have become more of a friend to my mom over the years…we work together, attend the same church, work out and walk together, and generally have quite a few things in common to entertain us most of the time. This is quite sad, I know. But there is one thing I just can’t bring myself to talk about with my mom…my sex life.

While spending most of my waking hours with her does make us close, I just have to draw the line somewhere, but I can’t convince her of the same. It just freaks me out to hear her talk about boinking my dad. *Shivers* I can’t even type that without strange visions (is that the word) going threw my head.

Bless her heart she is the world’s worst storyteller anyways and draws out everything in explicitly excruciating detail. For heaven’s sake lady shorten it up, get to the point and ignore my fingers in ears and my loud singing “la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you.”


9 thoughts on “How lucky am I???

  1. aaaahahahaha! That’s how my mom and I are too. Real close, but we don’t discuss sex. At all!

    Oh, and I tagged you for the next roll in the rolling story! Come and get it!

    Oh No’s…I hope I can do it justice!

  2. I realate to this post very well. My mom and I are the same, exept for working together, but neither of us talk about our sex lives. Thank God.

    Working together is really fun though!

  3. my girls don’t want to hear “mum” and “sex” in the same sentence and i know this, so if they start talking about theirs {which i really don’t want to know about..HELLO, i’m your mother!!} i start on mine…they shut up pretty quick!
    {personally i think they’re just jealous cos mine is better than theirs!}

    I just want to keep pretending that I was really found under a rock or at the zoo like my brother always told me as a kid…my mom and dad having…eewww. I can’t even type it!

  4. You are lucky… I had that kind of relationship with my mom too. We did everything together… she was AWESOME! I didn’t realize just how lucky I was until one day I was shopping by myself in our little town and the woman running the store asked me how my mom was. We chatted for a bit and I’ll never forget her saying to me “Do you know how lucky you are to have a mom like that?” And suddenly… I did know.

    I’m so glad that woman said that to me and opened my eyes. Not everyone is so lucky. My mom is gone now but I have all those wonderful memories to look back on.

    I’m gonna miss her too!

  5. I don’t talk to my mom. And if I did, and she ever mentioned that, I think I’d cut my ears off.

    If this were any other subject I would say that is a bit excessive, but given the circumstances.

  6. I limit my conversations with my mother to me defending myself, on how much fatter I’ve gotten since the last visit…

    How rude!

  7. LOL @ Romi!! I fucking LOVE you BFF! we are fucking soulmates, i just know it…

    My dad and i went christmas shopping a couple years ago and stopped for dinner and drinks. he got wasted and proceeded to tell me about the first time he had sex with my mom, how often they did it, and where I was concieved. It was under the christmas tree and if i have to suffer than so do you and anyone else that reads this. BOO-YA!
    i tried to stab myself in the throat with my fork but the waitress didn’t take kindly to that and took it away from me. try eating spaghetti with a spoon. yeah, fun.

    I just love that…I’ll have to try the spoon sometime.

  8. Haha BFF, we are soulmates and a half, I’ve known it for ages 😉

    I really enjoy settling here into your blog cowgal, it feels like a bunch of gals sitting around a table with some coffee and treats ;-) boys allowed!

    Um ya…coffee and rice krispies today! Have a sit down and chat.

  9. My one and only talk of sex with my mother was when she told what failed method of birth control each of my sibblings (myself included) were.

    I am the child of the Rhythm Method…

    Oh, I would crawl in a hole and die if my mom started that one…

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