A fun meme

 So, Ms Reggie over at Swimming Upstream decided to invent her own little meme, since she is  good like that.  It’s quite simple.  Name 5 things someone wouldn’t be able to tell unless they REALLY got to know you:

1)      I was in the city royalty not once but twice. Yes…I am a princess.  Look out Miss America.

2)      I want a tattoo…but am to afraid of the commitment to choose one and have it done.

3)      I hate other women…well let’s make an exception here. I love my blogroll buddies, but I don’t want to go to the bathroom with you if we are out on the town. If I need to go I don’t expect you to come along either. And I hate when women cry about things that can’t be changed. Toughen up!

4)      I’m afraid to eat meat off the bone. I don’t care if it is a t-bone steak or KFC chicken. It just freaks me out! And don’t even think I’m touching a thanksgiving turkey. I love meat…just make sure you serve it to me when you have it looking like a meal and not a caveman special.

5) I work at a Dr’s office but I’m deathly afraid of my own blood. You can bleed or throw up or even go in to convulsions all you want but don’t make me bleed.


5 thoughts on “A fun meme

  1. I relate to #3 best, sort of. I think it’s because I work with all guys and have lost touch with most of my girlfriends.

    Besides you girls of course! But it’s hard to stay with girlfriends…

  2. Yep… I’m with ya on number 3. Other women do not seem to like me at all.

    As for number 5… I remember the first time I had my blood drawn. I thought it would be no problem… after all… I’m a big tough girl! So imagine my surprise when I started to faint… bit embarrassing that was.

    I might have to nick your meme this weekend!

    Oh heck ya…enjoy it!

  3. I’ve often wondered how females are afraid of their own blood. I knew somebody who passed out when she saw blood. Then I wondered if she fainted every month or so….

    Actually…no just kidden! I won’t go in to that here.

  4. hey darlin!! great list!

    i too would love a tatoo but am terrified to get one. the needles scare me and so does the idea of having something permanent. i had kids and that’s permanent enough for me.

    i don’t eat meat off the bone too much, i pull it off or cut around it. i don’t like bones, unless they’re in a guys pants…

    Only you! But alas…I’m up for that one too.

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