Can’t we all just get along?

I just don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve come to the conclusion that while I don’t take near the amount of time out of my day that some of you do to write, I do enjoy this blogging thing. Call me crazy but I get a kick out of some of the things I read and people I get to write back and forth with. I’m not sure what you’re all in here for but I have found this to be a nice form of communication with the outside world and I like it.

This being said I also want to let you know that I’m a stat piggy…I love to see that others want to read what I have put out for them. It’s like seeing that Santa really ate the cookies I left out for him on Christmas Eve. I know that I’m not near as















or even crazy (in a good way)

as others on WordPress, but the stats are just fun!

But I have noticed that there are some snobby people out there that need to just get a grip on reality…you’re not so darn special that if someone leaves a comment that is meaningful enough not to throw out as Spam, that you can’t take the time and comment back. My heavens what is it about these people? Yes I see that you have 40 comments per post, but have you noticed that it is always the same people? If you don’t like what someone says on your blog you have the opportunity to delete it, if you don’t want to receive comments the option is yours.

When you have a visitor stop in when do you become so hotty-pa-totty that you don’t even say “thanks for stopping by and seeing what I have to say”?   If I stop by everyday from my page you darn well know by now that I think what you have to say is worth reading, but if you ignore me long enough, your charm will fade!

Feel free to go out and explore the multitude of others Blogs that are here, comment and visit and make new friends. It’s really quite fun! Bloggrolls are to add people to, as Talea puts it “be responsible” and add your new friends.

We were all new to this place at one time or another. Give us a break and just enjoy the opportunity you have to share your message with the world!


14 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along?

  1. I’ve been addicted to blogging for almost 4 years now and I just can’t stop… it’s fun and it’s MEANT to be fun. But there are some people out there who start to take it a bit too seriously. It becomes a popularity contest… who has more comments… who has higher stats… who gets more emails. For some people it takes over their entire life. They base their self worth on the success of their blog. They pick and choose who is worthy of a reply.

    And then some people are just busy and can’t reply all the time. I can understand that.

    It’s a cold windy day here, perfect for blogsurfing.
    Surf’s Up!

    This is what I’m talking about people. Thanks for the comment. Enjoy the surf! 8)

  2. Yes! I love that I got the sassy hyperlink! I knew it too, I saw the list and went straight to sassy. And THEN I got mentioned for ‘being responsible’. I think this is the most popular day in my life. Ever.
    Thanks cowgal!!
    And btw, I LUV your new cute fall avatar. Maybe I should follow suit….

    Oh heck ya…I love to change my avatar. Her clothes fit better!

  3. 😆
    naughty? haven’t been called that in a while i have to say…not that i mind, don’t get me wrong..i thank you for the link…i could do with the traffic….
    i’m with you on this…there are so many people with their head so far up their arse it’s not funny..they respond to some comments and not others, or at times, none at all…i rant about this on a regular basis…there are some great blogs out there, i agree…there’s some crap, but the good seems to outweigh the bad i think..and i love the stats…lots of people say it’s not about the stats, but of course it is…if it wasn’t about the stats they wouldn’t have umpteen different counters….
    those that pick and choose who they respond to are legends i think…but only in their own freaking lunch boxes of course! and you’re right, they need to expand their horizons beyond their own little world…as time goes by, i’m visiting every link on the blogrolls of those i have on my blogroll…

    It’s to sad for them…but I do like the idea of visiting the blogrolls of your blogroll.

  4. Amen Sister! I love reading what other folks have written too. Most other folks, that is. Usually I can tell within a sentence or two if it’s something I’m going to get anything out of, and the ones I’m most likely to shy away from are those who are dogmatic, opinionated, crass, vulgar, depressing, or just too weird. A little cuckoo and crazy (in a good way) is fine, but weird is scary. I don’t know why others don’t comment on people’s blogs, but the reason I don’t is because I’m too ignorant about what they’ve written to say anything.

    By the way, I think you’re just as intelligent, creative, popular, sassy, original, unique, etc. as all those other bloggers, and I’m wondering how you got those adjectives linked to all those sites. I’m awed. And I’m also intrigued enough to link and read some of them.

    I’m a little adjective nerd! Have fun looking…and keep commenting. I love to read comments even on other pages.

  5. Aww…how cute are you? And thanks for saying I’m well-liked; I like you too! 🙂

    The blogging world is a little crazy; it’s hard to tell what people are really like in this medium, and so it’s hard to understand their “blog actions” or “inactions”…at the end of the day, for every annoying person who irks you with their behavior, there are probably enough cool people that make you smile, right? 🙂

    I’ll just keep the bloggers around that I like! The others will just miss all our fun.

  6. Thanks for the compliment (straightforward is a compliment, right?)

    Don’t fool yourself. When you posted the link to my poopy post, it was my best day ever stat-wise.

    I don’t always comment either, espically if I’m reading something deep, but I’m getting better.

    See we all love to see the stats. It’s just fun. And yes… I love straightforward.

  7. Wow, I can’t tell you how honored I am to be under the “unique” label. Seriously, it means a lot to me. Thanks kid…

    I’m just jealous that abarclay got a header picture…

  8. Hell Yeah! I love the compliment you’ve paid me. Original is excellent. When I get my boob job, will you change it though?

    Ok a boob job will get you sexy or swanky depends on the quality!

  9. Cute! I agree, not only snobby though, lots are just plan rude, I don’t know what’s worse!

    and p.s.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

    I just hate rude people! And you have such a nice place over there!

  10. holy shit!! i’m so excited i got “crazy” that i actually yelled at my desk “Yay!! I got Crazy!!!” because of course i am. thanks for the mention girly. you are one of my faves and i adore you!!

    The best for you my dear!

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