Jiminy Cricket


Why don’t mothers holler for their children across the neighborhood anymore? And where do the bullies throw the tennis shoes of their helpless nerdy victims if all the power lines are underground?

 I ask these questions as well as many others to myself countless times a day and reflect on a time more simplistic and educational.  

I was remembering back on one of these occasions and wondered what happened to the National Safety Counsel and the Jiminy Cricket videos we all watched back in the day.  You know the ones… put out back in the mid 50’s. I’m sure you can remember the little song that went along with them. “I’m no fool. No sir-e. I’m gonna live to be 103”, (Ok so maybe that’s not how it went but this is my story and so that’s what I get to write.) 

Jiminy Cricket did a great job letting us all know how to deal with real life dilemmas. I’m sure more children would have been horribly mangled if not for the bicycle safety


movie that shows how to maintain my bike and follow the safety rules of the road. And how would we have all got along with out the classic I’M NO FOOL WITH FIRE, this strange & wonderful thing that can be my best friend or my worst enemy, in which Disney helped to inform viewers about basic safety concerns and the foolish ways in which careless folks can hurt themselves with fire. 

 Now lets not forget the I’M NO FOOL HAVING FUN when I keep my body relaxed, but my mind on alert. How could we have been aware of the dangers of recreation & relaxation? We could have had some serious problems. Jiminy Cricket explains the relatively recent rise of leisure time (remember it’s 1955) and explains how to enjoy it safely: the proper places to play, and basic safety rules for hiking, swimming, bicycling, ice skating, sun-bathing, etc. Who would have thought that 8 min with little Jiminy Cricket could save so many lives?  

I think I could have been one of the poor unfortunate “Fools” if they didn’t make the addition to the I’M NO FOOL series in 1970 with a full 10 min of safety. Good thing I came around after that addition.

Check out all the line at http://www.bcdb.com/cartoons/Walt_Disney_Studios/Shorts/Educational/I_m_No_Fool____/index.html

And just in case you want to buy them, the disney comp. still offers the set for just $329.00 for the 10 video set


I mean how much is your safety worth?


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