Vegas baby…

 Strange as it may sound, one of my most favorite things to do is gamble. Now I’m not in to the big money tables (though I do occasionally throw some down at the roulette table), nor do I spend the time wasting away in the sports book or keno lounge. I prefer to hit it big at the penny slots! I just can’t help myself; they keep me right on the edge of my seat. With all the technology these days I find them so entertaining, you can be magically swept from any place in the world right to the lost city of Atlantis or the bottom of the ocean, movies and entertainers come alive, even time holds no sway over the worlds that take your money as fast as you can put it in!

But if you want some real adventure you have got to stop by the bingo parlor. You have never laughed until you see a room full of grandmas cuss up a storm when someone else yells “BINGO”. And it really pisses them off if you don’t have clue what your doing, these women have this down to an exact science.  And if you screw up their mo-jo…watch out!

So long story short…I’m off to Vegas for the day! Wish me luck


One thought on “Vegas baby…

  1. i’m all about blackjack! i have been to bingo though, and you’re right, it’s a fucking hoot!

    I’m an idoit and can’t count to 21…everyone at the table just looks at me like i’m a joke. But I did play poker this time…piagow or somthing and it was fun!

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