Is there a law about singing in the car?

  I was in my car today and one of my favorite songs came over the radio, so of course I turn it up and started to jam (oh did that word just age me?). This is not the first time and won’t be the last this has happened to me, but just as the chorus rolls around I look in to the car beside me on the freeway and low and behold a super hot guy smiles and rolls his eyes at my apparent lack of self control. “Shit,” and I check my self in the mirror, “how do I do this every time?”  Picture this fat broad singing and rocking out in her car, ALONE! Yes chalk one up for the total looser. And what do you do at this point? Wave at afore mentioned hot guy and pretend that there is someone else in the car? Duck and possibly crash? No, I just continue to sing my heart out. What did you think a happily married girl was to do? Race to the side of his car and hold up a pre-made card that displays my number and how hot I find him listed on it? Actually 10 yrs ago I would have, and yes I did get a date doing this. The only thing worse than the hot guy scenario is of course when you see someone that you kind of know.  You know the ones…new neighbor 2 doors down, the bishop’s wife, a friend of a friend, just someone that you never have something to start up a conversation with. “Oh Yes, I do remember passing you on the road the other day, you cut me off and had Aerosmith blaring so loud you couldn’t possibly have heard the things I called you. And yes I did notice you were singing the wrong lyrics.” Oh well, I didn’t need their high regard anyhow.


15 thoughts on “Is there a law about singing in the car?

  1. Hahaha, do know HOW many times I’m rocking out in my car, and HOPING that some hot guy will see me so I can flash my number? But of Course, everytime I turn to the car beside me, it’s an old fat toad…yeah..

    That is know to happen to…

  2. Well the new UK driving laws do not allow such things as loud music now.
    At first this sounds really bad. Until you live here and realise the only people blaring out loud music are the ones that have the worst taste in music.

    Oh, I hope I don’t fall in that catagory.

  3. LOL. I always told my family that if they put me on that show “Motormouth” on VH1 I would disown them all. Now my kids are embarased by me singing in the car.

    Tee-hee, just enjoy it. I won’t turn you in!

  4. I was doing this once, cruising happily along the highway when I looked to my left and saw someone I was in a terrible fight with sitting in the passenger seat of the car beside me. He was just staring at me, I’m sure gathering fuel to the fire.
    To this day we hate each other, but that’s okay. Last time I saw him (a month and a bit ago), he cut me off on the sidewalk and I kicked his car.
    He then sent me a facebook apology for what he’d done years ago. Sweeeeeeet.

    now this is a memory. 😆

  5. Oh man, I do that all the time. And then I see someone else doing it and wonder if I look that dorky. Yeah, probably. I still do it though. When the spirit moves you, ya just gotta sing!

    I always make fun of others that do it, I’m sure we look much cooler than them anyday!

  6. Well, being the one who cusses too much, I like to sing to Building a Mystery… ’cause there’s that part where she sings about the guy being f’d up. Then there’s Pink… always good for some bad words. U and UR Hand, or Leave Me Alone I’m Lonely or ‘Cuz I Can.

    Moral. Sing. Who Cares. That poem says you’re supposed to sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching and love like you’ll never get hurt.

    So just do it.


    That’s the stuff! 8)

  7. i’m all about rocking out in the car. my kids do too. when i pick them up, i let them choose which cd we’re listening to (lately it’s been Fall Out Boy) and we sing as loud as we can, the kids pretend to jam on their guitars and drums and we clap and everything. and yes, i’m driving the whole time. I’m THAT fucking good! LOL

    That is the funnest times I remember with my mom as a kid…enjoy it!

  8. You and me both.

    Here’s the scene. It’s summer and I’m driving over the Queen Elizabeth Bridge on the M25 in a convertible, I’m wearing one of those Driza-bone style Australian Cowboy hats (no corks, good for up to 130mph without flying off). I’ve got NEIL DIAMOND on for god’s sake (remembered in Britain only for his patchy later oeuvre rather than the stuff like I’m a Believer)and because I’m alone in the car, I’m probably playing one of his way cheesy listen-alone 1960s specials, you know, Shilo, the Grass Won’t Pay no Mind or something like that. After a few minutes I realise the car next to me is matching my pace and so I look over. There’s this chap, with his window open, absolutely pissing himself laughing, so much so that I mouth the word “oops” at him and start giggling helplessly, myself.

    No really you’re very good he mouths back at me, sarcastically, of course but I’ll let him off because he’s grinning so much and it’s clearly friendly. Point made, he drives away chuckling. Oh well, at least the CD has got to Sunday Sun by the time I approach the toll booths.



    Oh my gosh*on floor laughing* that is to good!

  9. PS, Oh dear that probably makes me one of the people “the Boy Who Likes to” is talking about in his comment… then again, Neil Diamond isn’t Drum n bass so probably not.

    Cheers (again)


    No…I think “the boy who” was all about the bass in the music, you know. Neil is way better than that other crap!

  10. PPS Show me the way to Amarillo is another EXCELLENT sing along at the wheel classic!

    I will have try that one out, I always enjoyed “Betty’s being bad” by Sawyer Brown.

  11. Alright – I have to admit I’m one of those that sings in the car, I’m sure there have been people that have caught me singing to my tunes (mostly country however i love aerosmith and that is some serious jamming out) but I have to admit with the discussion that we had today at work, that I agree with Anne, what’s wrong with jamming out? I brings a smile the the faces of those around you, and what’s wrong with sharing a little joy in this graying world?

    Oh heck ya.

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