The perfect time of day

 A long day at the office and I walk threw the door to see the blinking light on the machine…the old man will be out with the Search and Rescue Team training till the wee early hours. I open the back door and I’m greeted by the flash of red and white streaks that are my delightful dogs. I flip on the TV and find nothing that soothes my weary head. As the dogs snuggle in after their famous examination of the house, a though crosses my mind.

My basement is calling along with a cup of hot cocoa by the fire with a nice book. I find my beloved blanket “Cokie” and slip in to my flannel PJ’s, a little something extra in my cocoa and I descend to the comfortable coolness of the heart of the house. With a flash the fire is lit and I position my head comfortably on the bear skin rug, two warm puppies on either side, and commence with my idea of the perfect ending to an otherwise ordinary day.


2 thoughts on “The perfect time of day

  1. bear skin huh? niiiiice!!! personally i like to end my day passed out on my lawn somewhere, but i digress….

    OK but I didn’t say the bear skin was fake. It’s so cute. I also have a fake deer on the wall and a fake moose too.

  2. Sounds MARVELOUS. Sounds so perfect and wonderful. I need to get me “one of those perfect” moments. I’m jealous!

    Oh just shoe the mr and kids out for the night and hop in the bubble bath…

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