A smile from me to you…


To my dearest readers,

I’m so tickled that I received this wonderful praise from not only one but two of the finest gals I have had the pleasure of meeting in blogland. I can’t begin to thank them for the honor. But I will say that they have reciprocated the same from me, as well as multiple others that I have added to my blogroll. So if you find yourself listed there, it is because I get great pleasure in the company I share with you at your various abodes in blogland.

My highest regards to all

Cow Gal Utah Princess of Nowhereville.

Please forgive me I have just returned form the dentist. I find the only thing to calm my nerves is a drink; I may have overdone it this time I fear. Thanks to Red and Joebec for the smiles award.


3 thoughts on “A smile from me to you…

  1. you are welcome hunny pie!! you deserve it! hey, did you get my email about the avatar thing? i need your help!!

    Did you not get my e-mail? Did I go to the junk bin? I sent it today.

  2. Sweetie, you do deserve it! Your ‘first impressions’ post is still cracking me up.

    And it is my personal opinion that one can never overindulge after a trip to the dentist.

    I hate the dentist! And I have to go back next week.

  3. why thank you! the link has only just hit my stats page! with the way the blog is set up it takes a little while for some reason…
    i’d best be repaying the favour, so brace yourself sweetheart, you’re about to be rolled!

    oh no!

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