Interview questions from Red

 I thought about answering these questions with my normal smart-alecky results but after my thoughtless post on first impressions, I resolved that I must answer honestly, if only to bring to light any wrong impressions of me that you may have. (Or confirm any as well)

So, with the ever-truthful Red at the interviewers desk…on with the questions.

1)      What is your biggest goal for the next year? I want to become organized, and honestly finish any one of various stories in the works and turn in to a publisher. I don’t even care if I get published…I just want to try.

2)       What’s one of your signature moves in the bedroom?


Um…besides lying there and enjoying it? I’m only kidding. The old man is quite fond of my four-poster bed and my lovely attempts at pole dancing…ok not really but I do have a four-poster that makes falling off the bed while trying extreme sexual positions very funny!

3)       Your preference: Ocean or Mountains. Why?


This was a really tough question but I’ll have to go with the mountains on this one. In my younger days I was invited to attend the annual FFA convention in Kansas City. I was so surprised to step off the plane and not have my mountains around me (not to mention the fact I had never seen so many farm kids off the farm). While I love the ocean I don’t think I would ever be able to leave the beauty and what I think of as security of the mountains. And yes,this is the lovely Mountain I get to wake up to daily!

4)      What do you want to be when you grow up?


Now I just want you to have a preface…my answer here is 100% honest and I have in my heart the deepest desire to do this. I want to be a game show host. This will never happen, enough said.

Pepsi, Coke or RC? While I have recently decided that I have become way to fat to jog, I no longer enjoy the pleasure that was my sin. Oh wait I just opened another Dr. Pepper, I guess I’ll start that tomorrow and that wasn’t a choice either.


But since I do have an obsession with Polar Bears and Coke paraphernalia, I’ll have to vote Coke here.

Ok for any of you brave enough to have it, just ask and I’ll pass the Q&A along. Drop a comment and I’ll e-mail ya the though provoking (yet mind numbing) questions we all want answered.


3 thoughts on “Interview questions from Red

  1. Cowgal, you are far too nice and I don’t know if I’ll ever comprehend it.
    Your First Impressions post was NOT mean. It was awesome. I don’t think you offended anyone! You want offensive…well, you read my blog.
    And though I’m a prairie girl, I”m jealous that you get to wake up to mountains that beautiful each day.

    Oh too sweet! Thanks. And you can stop by and have coffee with me on the patio any time for a looksy at our beautiful mountain.

  2. Red got me with this interview back awhile ago and i had a blast. would love to have you interview me!

    oh, your care package went out this morning. i seriously hope you love it!!

    Oh then it’s so on…and I can’t wait for the mail. I love to get stuff…well unless you sent a bill for my friendship dues!

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