You can never tell what life is going to throw your way

 A few days ago I was visiting with one of the Family Practice Dr’s in our office and he had the pleasure of explaining cryptosporidosis. (Basically it’s a organism that is passed threw poop in water, you’ll have to look it up to believe me) But the reason we were having this little talk is because we have had an ongoing problem with this showing up in public pools in the area. The conversation turned to symptoms patients will have and treatment options.

Patients will have to bring in a stool sample, which thankfully we now do by mail, but this consists of the patient doing a small smear on a paper and the lab takes care of it from there.

The Doctor then recalls to me a time when he first started in the office and an elderly lady came in to visit for blood in her stool. Being fresh in the office he was not accustom to this patient and her ways. While he was doing his initial exam the patient keep fidgeting with her purse and finally lifted it to the front of her and upon opening it up she produces a napkin filled with her poop!

Just picture this a young doctor about 6′ 5″ freaking out and shouting at a cute little old lady to “put that back in your purse, right now!”

As we were discussing this one of the other doctors walks by and tells us that this same patient had since then brought in her stool in a Tupperware container and requested that the doctor do the smear on the paper for her. What was he to go with the rest of the sample? Make a model…

But nothing beat out the third doctor that got in on the conversation. A new employee in the mailroom was given the task of opening the mail. Not examining any contents she proceeded to give all the doctors the samples that came in the mail. This doctor was, unfortunately for him, on holiday for two weeks. While the other doctors had explained that the envelopes containing samples needed to go to the lab, this doctor had a literal pile of crap accumulating on his desk. 


3 thoughts on “You can never tell what life is going to throw your way

  1. Oh noooooooo . .that aint right.

    This is exactly why I agree to have a much smaller paycheck than the girl in the mailroom, or the Dr.

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