The Naked men of Chrome…

 A thought crossed my mind today while I was at work about the discrimination that surrounds us. Now I don’t really want to cause a fuss on my blog about race, creed, politics or anything like this. What I’m talking about is the total lack of naked males in art today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the bare bottoms and shirtless chests that thrive in the media. But what about our true needs ladies…what about displaying what we really want? I propose the “Naked Men of Chrome”. I mean really, we know that we can’t have just the average guy standing around naked at all times and on display for the world, (I wouldn’t be opposed to this however) but we could saturate the planet like our male counterparts have with the Chrome Naked Lady. You know the one


The perfect girl figure with the Barbie boobs and a perfect rear end the likes have never really been seen before. This woman has been plastered everywhere. She is the ultimate image and can be seen from the greasy mechanics shop to the bikers’ bar and truckers mud flaps, even the occasional rockers guitar sports this hottie,


 there seems to be endless possibilities here.

Cross my heart and hope to die I even have seen women’s clothing with this mysterious hussy on them.  And she has no respect for age either…from crazy old coffee shop grandpas to the young street racing teens. She is the ultimate man’s dream… she doesn’t spend their money, sass them in from of their friends, and she is always ready at a moments notice looking great and her hair never seems to be out of place. OK I’ll admit it I Hate this chick. She is so unfair.


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