The Huntress

OK so I have no idea how to load a photo from my camera with out it being so big that only a small corner of the pic shows up. But I promise that I got an antelope this weekend and it’s so coooool.

Any hoo I’m back and I didn’t cry or anything on my trip. But I did miss you all. I’m trying to sneek around and see what I missed while away and get to my comments. I promise when I figure out my camera I’ll post the monster buck too.

 I’m also so pleased that I only got 1 spam while away…I’m still very tempted to check it out to.


2 thoughts on “The Huntress

  1. you got one ? YAY!!!!! have a question. you and Red both have your yahoo avatars up, i (being a complete computer moron) dont know how to get mine up. can you help? send me an email if you want.

    Oh I’m so on that. I love her, she looks way cuter than me and her hair is always done.

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