The Joys of life

 Life is moving so fast…sometimes I think the little old people you see that have the shakes are not what they seem. Really it’s because at that age they have nothing to do but watch the clock, and it seems to go so fast that their heads are moving in miniature circles. But it may be possible that this only makes sense in my head.

OK moooving on…


My antelope hunt is this weekend and I’m terrified. Not because of the fact that I’ll be slaughtering one of God’s beautiful creatures, (but that was a major concern about a year ago…I’ll tell ya that one some other time.) But all of the old mans family is coming along. More often than not I love to be in the spotlight, but for some strange reason I’m a nervous Nelly when it comes to hunting and guns and things. Could it possibly be the fact that all the guys have been competition shooting since they could get on the Daisy BB gun team?

YES…I do believe so. Don’t get me wrong here, they have been very good with my lack of skills and have made me quite comfortable with my new equipment. The boys hooked me up and took me to Cabela’s and got me a new gun and scope and the works. But it’s the whole “what happens” when I shoot the animal and, heaven forbid, miss. What if I hit the wrong one? What if I shoot a mommy instead of the buck? Oh no, what if I can’t hike my fat butt up the draw and I don’t even see the bucks???

Oh OK got a little carried away….

Any how I’ll be back in a few days, Miss Me!!!


4 thoughts on “The Joys of life

  1. Don’t you fret about killing one of God’s creatures. He was the one to kill one first. Enjoy eating your antelope. You gonna mount the head?

    Mounting the head; YES
    Eating the meat; NO, we donate to the homeless shelter. But I have tried it before. It was OK.

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