Help me with Halloween…

 OK, so I have to get to 😉 dress up for work on Halloween (which is ok with me) but I hate to decide on a costume. So I’m begging for some help. I have searched the web for ideas and have narrowed the field. Now keep in mind I work in a Dr.s’ office and sometime have very close quarters and we are not allowed things like masks and a lot of face paint, we also can’t scare the pediatric patients. Last year I went for the odd obscure Man from the Operation game board, this year I’m thinking of more traditional. Any-how please leave me a comment if you want to throw a vote up for something, or if you have a great idea that I missed.

Bear or Care Bear

Boy Scout


Cruella DeVil




Fifties Teens




Queen of hearts

Renaissance lady

Viking woman



6 thoughts on “Help me with Halloween…

  1. How about a Disney princess? I love those costumes! Who doesn’t want to be a princess?

    I tossed around the idea of sleeping beauty for a while but a few of the other girls are going with the princess costumes, I just hate to follow the crowd. But you are right, they do have some great costumes and I love the whole “I want to be a princess” idea.

  2. I’m all about the witch. Love the witch.
    You could go as Crazy Rolled Up Newspaper Unicorn Women (ala Adam Sandler from SNL). Nah, too lame.

    Angel? Pumpkin could be easy – or you could call it Crazy Orange Clothes Lady.

    How about cowgirl?!

    Did the cowgal 2 yrs ago, but I did love it!

  3. i like the hotdog idea. my first thoughts were wonder woman and strawberry shortcake.

    Eeeks…me in a tights, not a good idea. Shortcake is cute though

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