Day Dreamer

When in your life do you finally get to decide that you are happy just the way you are? This morning I was shoveling chocolate in to my face and happened to notice that inside the tiny wrapper was a message, I had no idea. For some outlandish reason I read the message and was quite curious why in the world the candy maker chose to write ” Make a list of your dreams” inside.

My first thought was quite crude, but had something to do with the fact that “I’m a little chunky and here you are wanting to make my dreams come true? Who the blankety-blank do you think you are that you have any idea what I dream about.”  Then as I shamefully hid the rest of the candy in my desk drawer and went back to work did I really start to think on it.

In passing I asked a few of my co-workers what they would write, of course I got the normal response. I want to be…rich, skinny, married to Brad Pitt, ya know that sort of thing. But not one person I asked today wanted something for anyone else.

This made me really think it threw and so I decided to really put it to the test…what would I put down? Of course back to the rich, skinny, blah, blah, blah, but I also wanted to add publishing a book and having children and living happy and healthy. And what about my family and friends? I want them to happy as well and I want world peace and the global warming to stop and…well then I just sounded like I was up for Miss America or running for public office.

I really had to stop and think about this, but I ultimately decided that dreams are just what we make them. If we set goals to reach dreams that are obtainable, we don’t need to live a life that we need to dream about. We will be living it!


5 thoughts on “Day Dreamer

  1. Was it a Dove? The Promises? Yumma! Shoveling chocolate and my phone didn’t ring! *wink* I could have used some chocolate today….

    My dreams are simple. I just want to be healthy and happy, I wish that for everyone too. All the money in the world cannot make you healthy and cannot make you happy either…..

    yes to the dove! But I think that wishing the best for someone else is the best! You go girl.

  2. Aww dude, that was some re-affirming shit right there…dreaming is what keeps me going, and it’s precisely what’ll get me through the 8 hours of work today that await…I might eat a giant chocolate bar as well, but only if there isn’t free cake around…

    PS: You fell out of my blogroll for some reason, I don’t know how that happened, but I shall fix it now….

    Thanks girl! I’m just surprised what falls out of my head in the middle of the night. I guess I wrote that…

  3. I guess the best dream is to just keep the dreams coming. It’s what life is all about – imagining what’s over the next obstacle. Indeed, those obstacles seem easier to negotiate with the dream.

  4. that’s wierd, i was eating chocolate this morning too but inside mine is said “hey chubby, quit scarfing the chocolate and get your ass back to work!”… i think my boss may have had tampering with my chocolate…

    I’m so sure that is who was behind it… that is not nice!

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