The list is complete

 OK so it’s all done…the top 25 list is complete. For any of you that missed it here is a run down so far

25– Tom Sellick

24-Jude Law

23-John Bon Jovi

22-Sam Elliott

21- George Strait

20-Ryan Reynolds

19- Harrison Ford

18- John Travolta

17- Hugh Dancy

16-Max Martini

15– Steven Strait

14- Mel Gibson

13- Bruce Willis

12- Christian Bale

11- Matt Damon

10– Daniel Craig

9- Sean Bean

8-Keanu Reeves

7-David James Elliott

6-Eric Dane

So the list continues with

5-Oscar De La Hoya


This guy is hot stuff!

4-Johnny Depp


3-Karl Urban


2-Derek Jeter


Ok and this guy can pose for me anytime!


1- Hugh Jackman


Um yummy!!


I just want to thank all the hot men that took the time to keep up their fab bodies and show them off to the world, also to my friends and mother that taught me to appreciate the male physique. This is for you girls…  8)


2 thoughts on “The list is complete

  1. i’m MOST impressed you picked an aussie at #1!!
    and WHAT an aussie….he used to be a regular guest on a show call good news week before he really hit it big (it was a satirical current affairs program)…we went to the taping one night when he was on…my daughter and i spent the entire night drooling!
    i have to be honest, it would have been a tie between him and johnny depp for me…
    great list overall i have to say…

    Thanks…I just love these guys!

  2. your list is DOPE!! Hugh Jackman is SOOOOOOOO fine!! way to go girl. now if you’ll excuse me i just stole your —-uuuuhhh—someones book meme. cya!

    Ooohh good. I’ll have to check it out!

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