Some like it hot!

Uh Ya that’s me all right! I love them smoking hot… Ok but lets get to the goods here, today’s Hunk du Jour.

10- Daniel Craig


Where did Mr. Blue eyes come from?

9-Sean Bean


Uhhm hello!!! I loved him as a good guy in LOTR but even better as a bad boy in National Treasure. This is not your average Mr. Bean.

8- Keanu Reeves


Oooooooooooo, oops drool in the keyboard again!

7- David James Elliott


Oh a man in uniform again.

6-Eric Dane


I just wish Dr. Mcsteamy worked at my Dr’s office.


Then again I don’t want to see any of the Dr’s I work with like this!


2 thoughts on “Some like it hot!

  1. do you know i’ve never really been a big keanu reeves fan..until now that is!!
    my goodness girl, this is quite a few HOT photos you have happening there!
    off to look for tissues…need to wipe dribble from keyboard and chin 😉

    The poor boys just can’t help themselves. 8)

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