And on we go… action heros

 Ok so this is my action hero segment to the list, I love a man in uniform but if the uniform involves skintight leather or even just a kilt I get a little weak in the knees. So on with the show…

15- Steven Strait


This kid is all about hotness in The Covenant.


14- Mel Gibson



I just can’t get enough of the baby blues… From Mad Max to The Patriot… oh sorry wiping the drool off my chin.

13-Bruce Willis


Dirty or Clean? I like it all…


12-Christian Bale


I always knew that Batman was way better than Superman. But I so can’t wait to see the new 3:10 to Yuma.


11-Matt Damon


Oh yea love the tease.



5 thoughts on “And on we go… action heros

  1. This list made me giggle. A lot.
    Bruce Willis, dirty .. Hell yes.
    And I too, am a BIG HUUUGE fan of men in kilts. Oh yes. Lovin’ the kilts.
    I have a friend that wears a kilt .. I do lust after him. And he knows it.

  2. I giggled through this list. Me likes.
    Dirty Bruce Willis .. NIiiice!
    And a man donning a kilt? HELLLLS YESSS!!!

    I just keep checking the post to see just how hot the men are…I can’t help myself.

  3. bruce willis! one hot man…can park himself anywhere near me anytime he wants!! wonder if he wants someone to be washing his back (or front) while he’s in that bath??? PICK ME BRUCE!! PICK ME!!
    looking for tissues to dry keyboard of dribble now…embarrassing for a woman my age to be dribbling everywhere!!
    heading back to reds place to add him to the famous f**kable list 😉

    Dribble is only acceptable in certain situations. This one I think is adequate!

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