Help…I don’t have a sports team to cheer for.

I was just over at the 100% Injury Rate blog (rant) and was brought to my senses. I didn’t know that you are not allowed to cheer for a team that you don’t live in the area, and that you don’t know all the stats for every player for all eternity. I guess this means that I’m screwed! I live in the middle of nowhere Ville, my family has never been in to sports and I have just in the last few years come to love baseball. Where do I go now? I guess that I’ll now just have the option of the local old man’s softball league to watch and cheer for, but I’ll have to remember not to where a pink clothing item with “my teams” logo on it, cause that is obviously taboo also. Well hell maybe I’ll just go back to watching Rodeo and not give a damn about the rest of the world.


3 thoughts on “Help…I don’t have a sports team to cheer for.

  1. Don’t take it personally. We do a rant once a week just to push buttons. They’re never serious, although many people take them as such.

    Root for who you want, provided it isn’t the Yankees.

    Good thing cause the old man softball team is really bad.

  2. I’m from Michigan and I’m giving you 100% support to cheer for the Tigers. They rock btw.

    OK Thanks! I love to have a home away from home team

  3. I dont support a football (or soccer) team from the area I was born.
    Infact I support a team on the otherside of the country.
    I don’t think there is a problem with that. The only reason people say “You must support a team from where you are.” I find the reason being is that whoever says this must be supporting a team that arent doing as well as the one you support.

    Oh how true that is…

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