And the list is continued

And on we go…
20- Ryan Reynolds

Just a nice boy…uh yea!
19- Harrison Ford

I just couldn’t decide if I like the Indy or Han Solo, so lets do both.


18- John Travolta

This man I could handle from start of career to current. Yes even the Welcome back Kotter era.  Sorry didn’t have time for a better pic.
17-Hugh Dancy


I know don’t ask…it was the King Arthur movie though. I must have a thing for dimples and silly smirks.

16- Max Martini


This guy is HOT!!! I love that new show the Unit that he is in.  But all guys have to have a scence of humor…


And the guns on this guy help too.

I’ll be working hard to find pictures of the next 5.


4 thoughts on “And the list is continued

  1. oh HELL YEAH!! to Ryan Reynolds… I gotta go change my pants now…

    I really thought about moving him up the list…but I guess on the list is just as good right?

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