The men my hubby gives the OK to part 1

I don’t know if any of you remember the episode of “King of Queens” when Doug and Carrie are debating about if they could cheat on their spouse (with permission) who it would be with. We decided to make a list of the people that if we ever got the chance we would give the OK to our spouse to do the big nasty with them. Now keep in mind we have chosen the people on our list for various reasons but the opportunity probably will never happen.

So that all being said I will compile this list and post for your entertainment pleasure. Feedback would be great, for I won’t be giving the list to the old man until after I post. I have for this reason decided to break this in to 5 different posts. We will be starting at the end and gaining momentum to the top of the 25 men OK to have an affair with. Oh and for any interested parties Yes I will post his list when he gives it to me.

So on with the show…

25- Tom Sellick


If I ever get lost in Hawaii I want the PI to look just like this!

24-Jude Law


I can’t really explain this one, he just has a naughty look in his eyes!

23-John Bon Jovi


I’ll take him now or when he started out. No problems

22-Sam Elliott


Now I know what you could say about the hair, but give this man a cowboy hat and set him in a western…wow!

21-George Strait


Now I really don’t have a thing for the old men going on here, but this guy has class.

Let me know guys…I hate to leave off serious eye candy! I promise also to find some better pics too.


8 thoughts on “The men my hubby gives the OK to part 1

  1. You gave each other 25? Geez, when my wife and I came up with our list, I could only come up with 5, and that was a stretch. I must be picky.

    True story: one of the women on my list was Ashley Judd (I can’t remember the others), and when my wife was relaying our lists to her friends, we find out that Ashley is a childhood friend of of them! Jokes asking if I would like to be introduced didn’t help any.

    It’s all about the degrees of separation – make your choices carefully, as there’s a chance you may actually meet them or know someone who knows them. Unless of course you get a list of 25, because then you’re just using the shotgun approach.

  2. I thought that 25 was a lot till I started my list…man it’s a good thing I got that many. I have a strange obsessive attraction to the male body. Is that a bad thing??? 😉

  3. 25 is alot! i always just had a top 5. I hope you have saved some room for Mark Wahlberg! if you mozey on over to my blog you’ll see some great pics of Johnny Depp too, man he is just so gorgeous it hurts!

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