Living with your fears!

 Last fall the old man and me took a trip to New Mexico and Colorado for a truck show. We had lots of fun adventures along the way but one of the strangest things happened to me on this trip that was brought back to my memory from a post on “the boy who likes to“‘ blog.

I have posted this fact that is amazingly important before but to those who don’t know I’m utterly afraid of the dark. This being said I also don’t care to be alone in a place I’m not familiar with & don’t tell me a scary story before bedtime.

I had booked this great get a way package to add to our trip on the way home. We would start in Durango, Colorado and then take a steam train up the canyon to Silverton, Colorado, spend the night at the Grand Imperial Hotel and then ride the train back down the canyon to Durango the next afternoon.

This looked to be the finest part of our trip as we boarded the train at 9 am and headed up the (I believe) 26-mile canyon to our destination, the colors of the leaves in the canyon were beautiful. As we arrived in Silverton we were in awe of the old west town. They only have the 1 main road that is even paved; this was heaven for the old man. We made our way to the hotel and checked in, I should have been more aware of the oddness when he handed us a real key to open the door and asked of we would need extra blankets for the night and told us to open the door to our room if we got to cold (they only have radiant heat on the main floor). I take my luggage up to the 3rd story (no elevators) and take a peek at the quaint room. We then made our way back down for some dinner just in time to watch the trains leave for the night. I don’t think there were 10 people left in the town that didn’t reside there, but if you wanted to add them then maybe you could count all the way to 20.


When we left the bar where we had dinner and headed back to the room. It was pitch black! I was a nervous little girl. We got back to the room OK and cleaned up and got ready for bed. The old man love to watch a little TV before bed and flipped it on and was really quite amazed with the 4-5 channels that we got. He then finds a show about the assassination of JFK and the forensics that have been debated for years. This is not a good idea for me but I want to be good wife and I sit in silence and worry about strange things. When the show was over the old man turns off the lights and I cringe at the fact I have no night-lights of any kind. We go to sleep.

I wake in the middle of the night freezing and wonder about opening the door to the room. Nervous about someone shooting me I tiptoe to the door and prop it open & then I head to the potty.  With the nightly trip done I head back to bed but not before I see a little light from the window. Interested, I peek out to find a giant illuminated Jesus staring back at me.


I freaked out…the old man wakes to me flipping out that Jesus is out there and looking in the window. He goes to the window and sees the Jesus and starts to laugh and tells me about this shrine that he had already seen earlier in the day. Thanks for telling me!


4 thoughts on “Living with your fears!

  1. Isn’t the Durango/Silverton area cool? I used to go up there yearly with my dad and camp and fish for a week. Now that I’m married it’s one of the things I wish I miss most.

  2. I thought it was beautiful… we rented a jeep the next day and toured around. I was surprised by the lack of wildlife though. We never even saw a deer or elk and they seem to run all over the rest of the state. I guess that they steer clear of the mines.

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