My own Family Tree


I have this strange obsession with tracing my family tree and have the most exciting news. Working diligently on Family Search (a genealogy search site sponsored by the LDS church) I have found a line from my grandmother that I can trace all the way back to 1094. Thirty-two generations back, I just can’t wait to find more information on this line. And to boot I can finally claim my Scottish Heritage, I knew this hair color & freckles had to come from somewhere. Not that this is the only place my ancestors came from; I think I have quite an assorted tree. German, Swedish, Native American Indian, Danish, English, Scottish, Swiss, you can’t imagine the mess I’ve got.


6 thoughts on “My own Family Tree

  1. The boy- it is quite addicting once you get started. I keep hoping to find some famous ancestors but no luck yet.

    Total- I really have helped do that to…I’m sure that sounds so weird. It’s not like we dig up old bodies or anything. Oh, I never thought about what people probably think of that.

    Paul- ya 1094 the year. I never though to check the prison records…possibly a new lead.

  2. It’s actually one of many beautiful ceremonies that the Mormons (or LDS church) members perform for the dead in our temples. Are you very familiar with this religion? From a brief look at your site I would assume you are Christian. As I am inactive in the church now, I only do genealogy work for myself and family members.

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