Scary Story

Have you ever had an unavoidable fear of something so stupid that it makes people laugh out loud at you? Now I’m not talking Fear Factor here, no eating sheep guts or sleeping in a tank of poisonous snakes or anything like that. Just a plain ol’ fear of something you normal people think of as everyday life. For example my mother in law has a fear of cats, I always found this to be a strange and laughable fear until I seen one approach her one day. She was like a little girl with a snarling tiger. She couldn’t control herself.  I have also met people that can’t handle bugs, spiders or snakes. Not just the normal they don’t want the creature to touch them, I mean they run in the opposite direction. These are full grown men we are talking about. So with that out let me explain my stupid fear. I feel like I’m at an AA meeting…I’m scared of the dark. I know to say it is simple but I even have a night light in 3 rooms in my house that drive my husband crazy. With that said here is my scary story. Last night my husband left for work and I had some things around the house I had to do before bed. I turned on most of the lights and had 2 TV’s blaring. When I got all my jobs done I took my dog Yote out to her kennel and fed Mary inside. I did the nightly routine of shutting off lights as I made my way to the bedroom. As I slid in to bed I could here Yote growling and barking outside. She was pacing her kennel as I opened the window and yelled at her, and I noticed that she had got most of the other neighborhood dogs going too. She reluctantly crawled in her doghouse. Once again I crawled in to bed and tried to be brave enough to shut off the lamp at my bedside and Mary hi t the door with her mean bark and growl. She never barks unless something is really wrong or if some one has rung the doorbell. I lay there and almost wet myself but realized that since I was alone I had to take care of things. When I muted the TV I could hear a truck running outside. I swung on my bathrobe and grabbed the ball bat in the office and headed for the door where Mary by now was going insane. I flipped on the light swung open the door and jumped out with the bat in hand following Mary. To my surprise I found a nonplused milk deliveryman with my order for the week and his flashlight in hand. Obviously this sort of thing happens to him all the time and he was not surprised in the least to see a half naked woman with a baseball bat and her dog jumping him at 1 in the morning. Sheepishly I gave my apologies and went back to bed. But not before I picked up the phone to call my husband and have him talk me through turning off all the lights again. Maybe now I’ll have to learn to get over my fears, because I have made a complete ass of myself in public. Can you imagine what he told everyone when he got back to the office?


3 thoughts on “Scary Story

  1. My auntie is scared shitless of cats. She calls them the devil. If she runs across one, she walks the other way. She won’t even look at them because they have devil eyes and devil looks and if they touch her, she’ll have devil cooties. Really, no lie. Craaaazy.

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