Rollin’ with it

I have just come up with a new motto for myself:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, Please talk to me!

Ok so thats just mean but sometimes the truth can hurt.

I got all my prizes ready for the games for the Car show last night. I just don’t know who to have help me with the fish pond. I hate to ask all my friends to help out, because they won’t get to enjoy all the activities and the parade that day, but I don’t want to hang out all day with people I don’t know or like.

Now I have to get with the program and follow up with sponsers and donations for the raffel and poker run.   I always leave this as the last thing and worry untill it’s done. 

Leaving untill the last min is my husband. He is, as always, still working on his ’75 Peterbilt. He had to change out the raditor and get some new tires for the old gal. I hope he gets his act together and has it ready to roll for the show in August.  


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