Family Fueds

I hate family fights more than just about anything else. My extended family has this unnatural way of holding a grudge longer than the Hatfield or McCoy families. And arguments have no bounderies or limitations.

My mom is the youngest of 9 kids (welcome to Utah).  My mothers only sister is in the hospital right now having complications due to her diabetes. She is scheduled to have surgery to have a stint placed in her liver. And her only fear is that my mom will call her oldest brother and let him know she is in the hospital. Not because she dosen’t like him or his wife, but because she dosen’t want to start a family war with her other brothers. I belive the only reason she called my mom in the fisrt place is because she needed a ride to the hospital. She is always harping on my mother that she needs to forgive and forget with another brother, because that is what her religion askes of her, but never mind the fact that he couldn’t even look her in the eye as they passed in the elevator at the hospital. My aunt is bound and determined that my drunken-drug user uncle has found religion since my grandmothers death, and that he is working hard to uphold that. Never mind the fact the jerk had the nerve to tell me he didn’t give a shit what we were doing when I let him know that my mom and I were going to lunch and that his sister was alone in her hospital room. Maybe I don’t give a shit what he is doing as well but I had the desency to keep my trap shut in the waiting room, mostly because I just want to keep the peace, but the only reason I said anything was because I care and I didn’t want my aunt to be alone in the room.

This game has been going on before I was even born. And you never can tell who is on who’s side this week. I have 1st cousins that I have only met 1 or 2 times in my life, just for this reason.

Now just so you don’t think this is mine or my mothers fault, explaine to me why it is that the only 2 times in history that  all 9 children have been together at once was at my grandmothers 80th birthday and her funeral. Yep you heard it here. They have been fueding like this for as long as any of them can remember. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think any one of them could tell you why, or what started it.

I’m sure that granny & grandpa roll in their grave daily from the petty stuff this clan pulls on each other.


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