Have you ever wondered things out loud and thought that it made perfect sense until it came out? Welcome to my world! I always say the wrong things.

How in the world do you tell someone that their tat is horrible? Now I’m not talking gross or inappropriate. Just that the choice of art is really strange. 


Young single Marine: Sylvester the cat on his upper arm (that’s right no “Semper Fi”)

Single fat white girl from the country: Dolphine on ankle (Shamu would be more appropiate)

White girl from Utah (just moved to Hawaii with her Utah native husband): “Island Pride” & hibiscus flower motif

Sierra club hating pot smoker: Monarc Butterfly on lower back & butt (Just so when your grandkids ask why we didn’t save the rain forests and stuff you can let them know what a monric looked like)

Yea I know I’m a little hard on my friends, but I’m not sure if these were really good choices for them.

But I guess I can’t bitch out loud at least they made the choice to get a tat. I still can’t decide what I want and where I want it.

I guess that daddy’s little girl still dosen’t want to upset him. My dad has all ways been agianst them, not for religious reasons though. My dad told me about the horror stories of the German prison camps and the men that were skinned for there tatoos to be used as leather for wallets and lamp shades and stuff like that.  I have always found that this must have really been hard on my dad knowing that his Grandfather came to America just before WW2. My dad served his country as well as his father and most my uncles in the Navy, yet all of them don’t have tats (that I know of). Add on top of this a man that has a fond love of the open road (rides motorcycles and races hot rods) and then you’ll understand why I’m so moved that this has never been an option in his life.

I’m sure that like anything else in my life my parents and husband don’t really care what I decide, after all it’s my body not theirs and we all have to answer to the big man upstairs alone at the end anyway. But I still love to bitch about life. 


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