Truck Show update

Yea!!! I made it threw the Truck Show in Colorado Springs, loads of fun stuff to do there. We visited Pikes Peak and the World Arena.  Loved all the shopping too. But if your in Colorado you have to visit Gunnison and the Blue Lake. Beautiful!!!!

My poor little doggies missed me so much and I sure missed them to, but we had a great time.

As a side note we seen the cutest little truck that I told Sam ” I just have got to have one of those” it’s a little delivery truck made by Divco.

You just have to check them out. I want one so bad. I know I’m a geek. But if I’ll be going to all these shows I want to have my own truck. Even though Sam only bought the Pete for me, we have that one together, so….

Being off work for a few days can be a real blessing but I found a whole new staff when I returned. We have 2 newbees at the front and also a new nurse.  I have a hard time remembering my own name how will ever learn there names. Oh well

And for my super sad news. I completley missed Roger Clements start for the Yankees on Saturday. We ate out and I was trying to politley watch the game and have a conversation with other people and it just didn’t work. I don’t even know who won the game. OK that was the sad story for the week.


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