New age camp outs

It’s a little hard to be cut off from the world for 4 days. Relaxing but a little hard. While camping with Sam’s family I laughed at the teenage kids with their cell phones around the campfire at night. Don’t get me wrong at that age I would not want to sit around and visit with all the old folks, but the sight was really funny. Actually you have to get the whole picture. First we have parked 2 of the 24 trailers front to back with one another so we can pull down the awnings and stay out of the breeze. With no regard of being able to see the stars. Then Sam’s grandpa has his O2 hose ( running of the generator) running out of one of the trailers to him while he is sitting in a fabric recliner (lazyboy style). The fire is a propane fire ring with fake logs and a 5 foot hose running to the propane tank. Now don’t forget the Jazz game and the NASCAR race blaring from the radios and then enter the teen texters. OK we were really living it up.  Good thing we didn’t pack up the Karaoke to sing around the camp fire.


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