OK just for anyone that was worried. The new puppy Lizzy is doing great.  I’m now very sure that someone dropped her off and left her. She is a crazy little thing. My 2 precious gals, Mary & Yote, can’t take her. She is such a sly trickster.

Last night we went to see the family and took the dogs to play. We arrived to see Steele with a great big fang mark down his nose and scratch marks all down his forearms. He was tickled that the dogs came to play and wind down his new girl. The little spit fire came around the door and outside to the lawn to find the other dogs and attacked at the first chance.

Mary being the old hound that she is, didn’t tolerate this at all. She rolled the puppy over and took right to her throat, growling and making a big scene. But never hurting Lizzy.

Yote on the other had just a year old herself was all about play time. They chased each other and growled and nipped for 20 min. But when Yote faded and was ready to call it quits the puppy came in for the final lunge.  Coming out of the war, Lizzy was the winner ( if you can call it that) with a mouth full of Yote’s fur and still growling as I picked up Yote. We decided to take the dogs home from there and loaded them in to the truck. Steele took the pup in and played longer but said the wild child was still active.

I’m just glad that the family is  happy and there has been no word of someone looking for her, so I guess that is that.

As for everything else in life. It’s all going great. Camping this weekend and the national truck show in June. I am still keeping up with the Yankees season even if the Sox are killing us,  and Sam frowns when the game is on TV and cheers for any one else that they play. We are not pleased with all the antics the city throws out while they rip out all the roads in town for the new water system. We have become lazy and not joined the softball spring league, but plan to do fall co-ed league. Work is just work and we always have more things to do that money and time will allow. But that is a real blessing. No news for the infertility, and we have just decided that it will happen if it is meant to be. Sam continues to work away at his ’75 Pete and wants to have the radiator in it to take to the Salina show this fall.  And just a fun side note I got my first tag to go hunting this fall. We will be after a Pronghorn this fall. Wish me luck!


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