New Puppy

Oh, how in the world can anyone resist the big brown eyes and soft, snugly face of a puppy. Don’t get me wrong a puppy is a lot of work, but so rewarding.

Over the weekend we found a little black lab pup. No one in the neighborhood had ever seen the the dog and had no ideas as to who would have one either.

Having no leads we found the puppy a new home with a loving family, but now I’m so worried that I should have turned it in to the pound. Unfortunately, I know that if no one claims the animal at the shelter in 3 days it will be euthanized. But what if there is that off chance that the puppy belonged to a child that truly loved it and would have taken great care of the animal and it just slipped a collar or dug a hole under a fence or something and the child puts out a whole hearted search?

And if I see a flier with this adorable puppy’s mug on it, do I call the family I sent it to live with and tell them that the puppy has a home with a family that let it run away?

 This is a touchy subject with me, when I was a child we had a beautiful husky bitch named Shara. Our neighbors hated the dog barking at their cats and would, about every other month or so, let the dog loose and call the pound to come and get it. As children we didn’t have a clue why someone would do this and were heart broken to come home from school one day to the news that our dog had been hit by a car while it was loose.

I to this day believe that this silly feud was the ultimate reason that I believe in being civil with my neighbors today. I may not like everything they do but I won’t put any animal or child in the middle of what would become a real mess.

Anyhow for the time being the puppy now affectionately named Lizzy has a wonderful home and a loving family that adores her.


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