Destroy what of Barry Bonds??

I’m sure the issue of Barry Bonds breaking Aaron’s record for homers has been tossed around for quite some time . But what I  discovered today is the biggest waste of a persons time and money. You just have to see this one to belive it.

This web site is committed to buying  the record breaking ball and destroying it, all for a good cause, keep in mind, and then to show the video of the said ball on the web for all to see.

What in the name of creation is the reason??? I have no idea. I’m just a silly girl,  but what is the sense of this? Can’t we find a better way to raise money for worth while charities than to destroy a piece of  history. Silly as it may be, this will somthing lots of people will want to own/see/purchase.

Weather or not you like the man is another story all together, this ball will become a timeless piece of baseball history, a memento for the ages. I don’t think that any fan will want to just let it go, I know I wouldn’t. But to put a price on it and offer the money to be given to a charity in  someones name is crazy. 

I’m sure the person who grabs the ball from the clutches of $$ hungry fans, will be approached by so many offers it will be astounding. Call me crazy but if I were Barry Bonds, I would want it for myself. And I know, just a silly girl here, but I think the man would be able to whip out the cash.

What is the creator of this site going to do with all the money contributed if this happens??? I know, just return all the donated ( not tax-deductible for you) funds to the proper contributors. So please keep your receipts.

I sure hope he didn’t pay to much for the web site name, great sounding as it is!


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