Blah blah blah

Thanks everyone for the great birthday! I love having free stuff delivered to me like I am some sort of princess. OK so who doesn’t.  I can even get over the fact that I am older if the gifts are great.

I just wanted to bring a little fact to light also while I am spilling out my thoughtless babble, I hate to work with new employees at a job.  It never fails that they will ask the same question a million times. I know I should be nice and just have some patients with them, after all I was new once too. But darn it, it’s not as much fun to be nice!

No I just have to vent because I miss all the fun people I have worked with and I want to take it out on someone. I usually end up loving whoever the new person is but getting to know someones quarks and having them deal with my know it all personality is awkward.

OK and also just wanted to fill you in on another great flick I watched. First you have got to see “Flags of our Fathers”   Wow!!! This is so good. I loved the whole thing, I can’t say how much I cried because it will embarrass me. I love patriotic type things and this shed so much light on the story of the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. I had never heard about the acutal men and found there story to be so moving.

Also  ” Music and lyrics”   is so cute, just a great chick flick. I also rented a show called “The Fountain” with Hugh Jackman (my man)  and was strangely drawn in to the weirdness of the film, I still have no idea what it is about, but I cried at the end. That is what happens when I don’t get it and someone dies in a film. I just can’t handle myself.  That is exactly why I never watch movies like “The Godfather”, I just know some meaningless person will die and I will run like the Mississippi river for no reason in front of whoever is watching the movie with me.


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