Have you ever noticed that great movies and music get overlooked for years? I always thought growing up that John Wayne & James Bond were just for the guys. Wow was I ever wrong.

I was just introduced this past fall to a great vocalist, Dean Martin, and in the process I found he acted in many films. I know I’m an idiot. Anyhow, I did a search on IMDB and rented a few films and loved 99% of the ones I watched. Netflix sends you recommendations of films that are based on your previous likes and dislikes, and they have some great flicks!

I have really come to love “Rio Bravo” John Wayne, Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson. Other new to me oldies are “The son’s of Katie Elder” , “Goldfinger”  , ” Shalako” & “North to Alaska” And who ever knew about the Rat Pack! I can’t say enough about them, “Ocean’s 11” and “Robin and the 7 hoods” are great. I’ve always loved a good musical (“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” & “South Pacific”) but these really make you laugh too. Sammy Davis and Frank play so well with Dino.

So to sum it up, just check out an old flick and stay home and have some milk duds and a coke. You’ll be surprised at the laughs and memories you can make with  .


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