Mom’s big day

Yea! Mother’s Day is always an exciting time of year for a old woman with no children. My husband always insists that the dogs (Mary & Yoty)  are my children and buys me a gift from them. How sweet. My own mother and mom-in-law were great sports this year and let us cook them a meal. I never knew that this would be such  a big chore but it was really nice, and they both seemed to like it. Gift’s can be so meaningless and this year we seamed to have the right stuff.  I hate to buy things that don’t have a special meaning, and this year I think we hit the spot with some memory charm braclets.  Both of the mom’s loved them and had to laugh at the things we picked for diffrent memories.  It was great.

We are really looking forward to the next few weeks. We will be attending the annual mutton fry for Sam’s family reunion over the memorial day weekend. That’s always a treat. The smell of rancid sheep filling the camp for 3 days as well as a bunch of people that I don’t know and that haven’t showered for multiple days hugging me and telling me we need to get together more often. No really, I do enjoy not being at work and getting the fresh air.

After that we get to head to the big city of Colorado Springs for the ATHS national truck show.  What an experience. Millions of old men and there wifes wondering around the world arena talking trucks. Thank goodness for the girls we are traveling with, there a blessing in disguise. They let my husband wander with their spouses and we go see the sights and shop.


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